Commercial photography in Kent | NHS Campaign Photography

Commercial photography in Kent

Part of my commercial photography in Kent includes the NHS. One of three campaign shoots for the NHS from the last few months was located outside of a clinical environment, using a residential property instead (the context was health visitors recruitment and early years development).  With a young child involved the lighting setup had to be more of a “zone” to work in rather than anything too precise (children like to move around and given half a chance will take on the role as art director for the whole shoot). So, with somebody off camera to make the child look up as though he was making eye contact with the health visitor (even though he wasn’t) I opted for sandwich lighting from the windows and a small amount of fill-light. Editorial photography by nature is on location and usually involves having to manage lighting in difficult locations in a short space of time. If you would like to see more example of editorial photography please go to

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