Editorial photography in Kent for Aldi (UK)

Editorial photography in Kent

This location commercial shoot was for Aldi (UK) for a halloween campaign and took place in a pumpkin field in the middle of Kent. Let nobody tell you that commercial photography is without moments of glamour.

Editorial photography in Kent for Aldi (UK) - Pumpkins at dawnThe brief from the agency was for a sunrise with clear skies and light kissing the tops of the pumpkins. There was only one day when we could shoot. Somebody got the order mixed up and instead arranged for grey skies and light drizzle. Like this:

Commercial photographer Kent

5am is a strange time to find yourself in a field somewhere near Maidstone and an unknown distance from a Costa coffee. The contents of the back of the car betrayed the fact that I’d come prepared for mud (wellies), no sunrise (studio lights with orange gels over them) and rain (lots of bin sacks for the tripod legs and light stands). So, we made our own sunrise with a farmer playing a very convincing Grim Reaper. Once the skies cleared we even managed a pretty shot without any sinister overtones.


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