Production stills for theatres – Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury Kent Jack And The Beanstalk

Production stills for theatres can be great fun

Shows can change a lot during rehearsals and run throughs with various re-writes and scene changes – so you have to be light on your feet to make sure you don’t miss a key shot from the best angle for getting the production still. Written and produced by Paul Hendy and Evolution Productions, Jack & The Beanstalk is a co-production with the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. John Nurden’s review is on Facebook. I’ll be posting some rehearsal stills shortly but here are some production images following the press night this week, and thanks to Ian Pollen for co-shooting some of the images. Cast: Phil Gallagher; Ben Roddy; Jo Parsons; Lloyd Hollett; Trina Hill; John Barr; Samantha Womack; Music:Chris Wong. Production stills for theatresProduction stills for theatresCommercial theatre photography

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