Kent commercial photography location lighting

Kent commercial photography location lighting – a.k.a.why I always have lights with me

Subject: Location lighting
Business photography
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Photography for business sometimes involves some trickery, but in a good way. You make daytime look like it’s the night. You can turn night to day, adding mode where none existed. Because you don’t always choose when you get to shoot, you have to have a few basic techniques for lighting. The following are really quick examples:

1-5. University of Kent prospectus images. #1 darkens the busy background with a blue-gel and then a second clean light is on the subject’s face; #2 is only slightly darker than the original lights but there still one being used to boost the window light; #3 had to be darker to show the screen / avoid glare – so artificial lighting does the rest. #4 darkened and lit to look like later in the day (the light from the side is a flash); #5 is over-lit to make it more like a bright day.

6-7 – Iffin Farmhouse in Canterbury. #6 -A daytime shot deliberately too dark and then lit to give it the feel of the evening; #7 – the sun was burning across the carpet in the mid-afternoon so this is under-lit and re-lit artificially.

For more examples of interiors and other galleries please see


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