Jubilee Street Party photography in Whitstable Kent June 2012

Ok, so I was meant to be off duty having shot a wedding in Canterbury and another one in Broadstairs over the weekend, but it didn’t do any harm to take half an hour out at our Jubilee street party for some photography. There’s more of these on Flickr but the small selection below shows that despite the odd bit of rain and the grey clouds, the party went on! It was really nice to shoot with just a 50mm 1.8 lens on a 1DIII body and no flash. Nothing was shot over 2.0-2.8 and the framing depended on using two legs rather than a zoom. It really worked getting in close as you’re able to talk to people, not pap them. This lens, one of Canon’s cheapest, is very good at nailing focus consistently, though not super fast. I use this in the end stages of wedding receptions as on the 1dIII it gives you 65mm which is a nice range. If you own a x 1.6 crop camera it’s a cheap way of getting an effective 80mm 1.8 prime.

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