Interior and exterior property photography in London, Kent & Sussex

Well, it’s been a fun fortnight for architectural and property photography with the weather being so unpredictable. Despite using three different forecast providers and a solar calculator, they’ve all been a bit wrong recently. There are particular times of the day when the sides of a property are best photographed not too dissimilar to portrait photography. When the highlights are not too harsh and shadows not too long a property can really come to life. The corollary is that you have a limited window in which to operate and the weather has made this difficult. Yes, you can overlay multiple exposures or shoot HDR – but it’s not quite the same. For interiors, harsh light can be hard to balance with flash and so a more subdued light can be preferable, using off-camera portable studio heads operating from the same direction as doors and windows. The pictures below are from recent shoots – from magazine images of furniture in situ in London (from the excellent James Ransley at Whetstone Oak for The Financial Times) to new developments in Kent and West Sussex.

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