Industrial photography shoots in Kent and London

Industrial photography shoots in Kent and London

commercial photography in Kent

I’ve recently completed a series of industrial photography shoots in Kent and London where the client had commissioned completely new images rather than using a stock library.

It’s not uncommon to see new businesses and start-ups turn to stock images to populate their website and social media channels quickly, but here are some key pros, cons and the effect on commercial photography pricing for creating your own image bank vs generic stock library images.

Pro # 1Authenticity and professionalism. One of the common first needs for businesses capturing original images are for case studies. Case studies demand authenticity, so stock libraries are not an option. Case studies also provide rich source material to capture images of aspects of your business, both who you are as a business as well as what you do. With a bit of planning they can produce recruitment, press release and campaign images.

Pro # 2Brand control. Although stock imagery is quick to source, you’re not the only one sourcing it. You can’t control how the images will be used in other campaigns, perhaps by competitors in the same industry. More than  likely you’re also going to twist your design style to suit the stock image if you can’t find a perfect fit. Bespoke imagery also allows you to control the look, feel, tone and voice – essential if you’re to attract brand loyalty and recognition over time.

Pro #3 – Return on investment.  The lifespan for web, brochure and marketing photography is longer than advertising and campaign-specific pictures. For a full day shoot that yields a conservative 20 finished images, over three years it works out at approximately £15-20 per image. That’s a high resolution image with multiple-use opportunities that is specific to you.

Infrastructure Developments are end-to-end civil engineering contractors working across the South. Their new website from Realising Designs required a range of construction industry images and industrial photography shoots across Kent and London. The purpose was provide case study and key page banner images, capturing both day and night and in all weather conditions. That’s code for baking hot sun one day, rain and muddy construction sites the next.

They decided on bespoke photography which was conducted at multiple sites over a series of days. The finished imaged will be used not just as case studies but also to illustrate and promote the whole of the business.

We’re not just industrial photographers. We work with a range of business to create commercial photography in Kent an across the UK. We also work overseas. To start a conversation do please get in touch – | +44(0)1227 682036.industrial photography shoots in Kentindustrial photography shoots in Kentindustrial photographersindustrial photographerscommercial photography in Kentcommercial photography pricingcommercial photography pricingcommercial photography pricingIndustrial photography shoots in Kent and London


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