Commercial photography in Faversham for Kent band Mashville

In recent weeks I shot some commercial photography in Faversham for Kent band Mashville. They needed some new material for promotions, publicity and releases later this year.

For an early morning shoot before it gets busy (and the sun rises too high) we opted for the band to meet at Faversham Creek. The land opens up to some bleak mudflats and the working boatyard is full of interesting buildings, textures, colours and of course, boats.

Shooting alone, you can’t see me and a light stand sinking into the mud. I did do a site visit first because I was worried about losing a member of the band into the mud but I still managed to find the sink holes. Originally I wanted to shoot with the heavier studio lights so I had to use what power I has from gelled Canon speedlites using the sun as a kicker.

Commercial photography in Faversham


Commercial photography in Faversham






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