Commercial photography for Shepherd Neame Brewery Faversham Kent

Commercial photography for Shepherd Neame Brewery, Faversham Kent

I like breweries – not just for the obvious reasons but it might be because of the Christmas Party I went to at John Smith’s in Tadcaster in 1975 (at age 4). I recently undertook some commercial photography for Shepherd Neame Brewery Faversham Kent. It was to create a set of images of the Chief Executive, Jonathan Neame,  for use in marketing materials, trade press and other publications. (for more about Shepherd Neame brewery tours see here)

Three locations, 2-3 hours each location, with Jonathan Neame slotted in when required to keep his time to a minimum. These sorts of location shoots are all with lights. The hop field was lit to make sure the beer stood out and the light was clean (not grass-tinted reflected light); the brewery shots were all with lights faking window light.  The shots in one of the pubs were lit with gelled gridded lights and a couple of softboxes.

If you think it is time to update your image library do please get in touch –

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