Brochure & Web photography | The Beaney in Canterbury

After an extensive refurbishment to the former much smaller museum, gallery and library, the Beaney (full name – The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge) will show exhibitions of local artists alongside items from the museum’s private collection. The building has been extended with a modern addition that houses the library and further gallery space and I’d been there recently shooting some brochure & web pictures (some of which are being used by the architects to enter the project for an award). The pictures on their website currently are not mine! If you want to know some technical aspects from the recent shoot please see below or alternatively have fun visiting the building – 18 The High Street, Canterbury, Kent.

So, interior architectural photography. The brief was to shoot the pictures whilst the public were there which gives the space scale, proportion and more life than immediate post-build pictures. It does restrict you a bit in terms of lighting kit and so the images were shot using a Bowens-style studio head and power pack and a couple of smaller flashguns for accent lighting. Every single shot was lit with no use of HDR. Even in large interior spaces the light can be uniform or flat so the portable studio head was used to raise the background levels a touch with smaller lights used to create pockets of directional light. Two good examples of this would be main entrance shot of the woman looking down on the children coming up the slope or in the cafe area where artificial light was put in both camera left and right (including behind and through the large coloured windows).  Please do get in touch if you would like to learn more about lighting on location or in the studio.

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