Advertising studio shoots of brands for Defra

We’ve completed a series of advertising studio shoots of brands for Defra including Jawbox Classic Dry Gin and Walkers Shortbread.

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Jawbox Classic Dry Gin is made in Echinville Distillery, which opened in 2014 and was the allegedly the first to be granted a license to distil spirits in Northern Ireland for 130 years. The name “Jawbox”  (more commonly known as a Belfast Sink) was historically a staple in Northern Irish households used to wash near enough anything “from dishes, clothes, bikes, children and even sometimes their husbands,” says Jawbox Classic Dry Gin founder Gerry White. The jawbox was a busy place, with a lot of life and chatter revolving around it and as such has served to be one of Belfast’s most lasting legacies.

The taste? Cardamom is at the front making it fiery with a slight curried spice with it. Juniper comes through strongly, followed by a bright citrus.

The brief for Jawbox was to shoot something that matched the brand in colour and tone but that could also be used is a whole range of different print and online formats, including large format billboard and exhibition graphics. We also had to drop in a bottle of Echinville gin into the same set for use in a different banner plus a glass of gin with a slice of lemon. Finally, there has to be plenty of neutral space for overlaying graphics and text in different places.

Sourcing some reclaimed timber that contained some dark purple hues, we added juniper berries and coriander seeds for foreground detail. A faux timber background of vertical boards was added and this, together with the reclaimed timber set became the backplate for adding in the product. The lighting was a four-light setup – top gridded spot for highlights on the glass rim, bottle top and bottle; background light; softbox with scrim camera left and camera right.

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For Walkers Shortbread the target export market is China where products with a link to Scotland have a strong following. The brief was to have a prominent piece of Walkers tartan as the base of the set, with a kitchen table (provided by a prop store) and a cup of tea. We shot mugs of tea for the US market but cups for China.

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Kent commercial photographers

The finished artwork was used at trade fairs, embassy receptions and exhibition displays as part of the UK Government and Defra’s export campaign “Food IS Great”.

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For more information about advertising studio shoots of brands for Defra including Jawbox Classic Dry Gin and Walkers Shortbread, or other types of commercial photography, do please get in touch.

Ref: advertising studio shoots of brands for Defra including Jawbox Classic Dry Gin and Walkers Shortbread
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