Food photography for restaurants in Kent

Food photography for restaurants in Kent

There’s many different ways of approaching food photography, but one thing I’ve found when I’m producing food photography for restaurants in Kent, is that a number of classic angles work across a variety of dishes.

Although it’s nice to shoot close to a soft window in a carefully styled kitchen on the perfect surface, it’s not always possible. More likely is that we’re replicating that look with studio lights shone through soft material and reflecting small amounts of light back into the food with a variety of cards, silver paper and mirrors.

Food photography for books and magazines works well when shot in portrait orientation. It adds depth to a dish and allows you put the view nicely from foreground to middle. For web cropping in landscape orientation, this becomes harder because the information has to work from left to right and through the middle of the frame.

Whichever format is required, the angles I work to are: middle (45 degrees), high (75 degrees) and overhead (90 degrees). I tend not to shoot directly overhead but this can be effective for still life, styled pictures of ingredients and very flat objects.

45 degrees will get you into the body of most dishes (depending on the type of plate, bowl or board). Anything lower than that and it starts to be a slot about the bowl or plate rather than what’s in it. 45 allows effective placing of foreground and background items for depth and requires a larger set or table top.

75 degrees gets you right into the heart of the dish and doesn’t require such a large set. The image is starting to get compressed to you have to work a bit harder in separating it from the background.

90 degrees is the overhead shot. The set is very flat and compressed at this point, so it’s by lighting objects from side that you’ll create lines of interest, shadows and highlights.

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