Making the Christmas card for 2014

Each year for quite a while now we have made artwork for paper and e-cards that is based on a Christmas carol and in part is cryptic – a picture clue as to the first part of the title. This year’s title : “The angel did say” and others from Christmas-past have included “Peace on earth” and “We Three Kings” (scroll down to see these).

This tends to involve a still-life studio picture but making the Christmas card for 2014 involved a bit more of the spirit of Blue Peter: a wooden mounting board red wallpaper; sourcing frames; printing pictures; decorations; various glues and good old spray-mount which I’m convinced is based on the same compound as Spiderman’s web. The lighting was through a venetian blind clamped to a studio stand with the glass reflections added in afterwards.

To clients new and old, thank you for your support this year and here’s to working with you on your projects in 2015.


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