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Locate in Ashford Kent campaign photography

A dozen case studies and a chair that’s heavier than it looked for agency Pillory Barn

The AshfordFor campaign was devised by Pillory Barn for their client Ashford Borough Council. My role was to produce supporting locate in Ashford campaign photography.

Ashford is a growth town situated in the south east of the UK and is the only town with direct international rail connectivity and high-speed train links to London. This means that the types of business located there are diverse both in terms of what they produce (manufacturing, pharma and service industries) and their origins (French such as Eclypsia; US such as Coty; UK-based businesses such as Brakes).

None of the material could be shot in the studio. The leading banner images for the different case studies of the main-chair-prop required setting up studio lights on location – in the middle of fields, in factories – and all of the documentary pictures needed lighting too (from the pouring of liquid metal to food production).

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