Linkedin headshot photos – can you rely on a selfie for your corporate headshot?

Linkedin headshot photos – some love them. Others hate them. Headshots or corporate portraits are something that we all need at some point. They have multiple uses – from press releases to pitch documents, websites and articles.

When Linkedin first started it was tempting to rely on the corporate or commercial portrait equivalent of the selfie –  a grab shot taken on the office camera or worse still asking a colleague to to it on their phone. That was good for then for your Linkedin headshot photos but is it good for now? The examples below were recent shoots for GroundZero Productions and Liberty Property Trust (via Maxim PR).

We can shoot at least three styles – editorial (for illustrating an article – a magazine style if you like); documentary, when there is no eye contact to the camera and it’s fly-on-the-wall in style; and studio-style against a light or dark background. Even studio style can be shot on location at your offices. There’s really no excuse…


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