Conference and event photography in Europe

Conference and event photography in Europe

Thanks to Groundzero productions, it was great to have just completed another convention, working on conference and event photography in Europe. First Stockholm, now Vienna.

Conference photography is not simply a record of the event. As in previous years, the photography included same-day editing and uploading in the same way that coverage would be supplied to news and press agencies.  As with press and newspaper work, part of the brief might be to produce a specific picture of a keynote speaker  – both in look and tone – to link with a article, press release or social media feed.

“Conference photography” is a bit of a loose term, covering product launches, press launches,  conventions, exhibitions, symposiums, annual meetings, trade shows and expos across London, the UK and Europe.

So, why is it worth investing in a professional conference photographer?

Like any live event, you have just one opportunity to deliver on both quality and value. Stakeholders want to see where their money went, future sponsors need to have confidence that it’s worth the investment. Future delegates need to justify the time away.

You also need to find a conference photographer that needs the minimal amount of briefing, is house trained and has experienced working with production companies, producers, publicists and client-side co-ordinators. Will they be an extension of your events organiser in attitude, professionalism and behaviour? Will they work seamlessly with video teams and the venue staff?

If you’d like to talk about your requirements for Conference and event photography in Europe, UK or London, do please get in touch.

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