Magazine photography for Whitefriars Canterbury

I had the opportunity to shoot some magazine photography for Whitefriars Canterbury.

Here are some outtakes from a recent shoot that is going into the Whitefriars magazine this month. Whitefriars is the main retail development in Canterbury owned by Henderson Global. This is a short post about lighting on location.

1 – The street area is pretty much always in shade so exposed for the sky and let a beauty dish do the rest camea left. 2 – Still in the shade believe it or not but over exposed the ambient and placed the beauty dish as a kicker camera left from you’d expect the sun to hit; 3 – Subject in shade, beauty dish from same direction as the sun; 4 – 500w head and reflector camera right. When the sun keeps coming in and out I tend to dial the ISO up and down to keep up with it rather than changing aperture; 5 – fill light camera right after exposing for ambient -1 EV;  6 – ambient -0.5 EV and bare reflector at 45 degrees; 7 – orange gelled Canon speedlite from top of stairs and colour balance towards the cooler blue; 8 – colour balance shift towards blue again with orange gel on subject.

Magazine photography for Whitefriars CanterburyMagazine photography for Whitefriars Canterbury


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