Commercial photography in Kent for a farming magazine

This is the second recent lot of commercial photography in Kent that’s been on a farm. The green wellies really are paying for themselves.

Ledger Farm is a dairy farm near Deal in Kent that has invested heavily in modern facilities and equipment for efficient milk production. Cows are now tagged and their milk production history computerized to the extent that the farmer has an app on his phone. It’s a sort of a milking factory withe the cows secured on a large rotating plate. I didn’t really know much about dairy until the visit. I had expected it to be noisy and the cows quite agitated but their particular method produces a very calm and smooth milking process over about two hours. Every animal is monitored for health and vitality. Now from a practical point of view I did have to use a light stand (wrapped in black plastic) but shall we just say that both the light stand and I were hosed down at the end of the shoot. Modern milking technology doesn’t extend quite yet to controlling the quantity and timing of the other things that cows produce in large volume…

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