Brochure photography in Kent – Q’Straint crash test facility

A recent day shoot of brochure photography in Kent was for North American company Q’Straint (a client of corporate production company Ground Zero). Q’Straint have built an extensive testing facility for their core business or safety testing for wheelchair passengers. The photography was of the high-velocity rig which fires a crash test dummy before breaking sharply. High speed HD cameras and sensors capture a variety of data. It’s actually a very brightly lit and large area to shoot but a variety of studio lights and gels were used to create images for a brochure, web. press releases and presentations. Brochure photography in KentQ'Straint testing centreLocation industrial photographyKent industrial photographerscommecial photographers Kentcommercial photography KentCrash test dummies UKCrash test facility UKCrash test centre

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